Every handyman must possess the skills needed to maintain and repair the inside and outside of homes and businesses. Tasks can include painting, wallpapering, carpentry, and even remodeling. Most handymen will also have the skills to perform basic electrical and plumbing jobs.

Handyman jobs sometimes need the skills to redo a room from the floor to the ceiling. For instance, kitchens and bathrooms are the most remodeled rooms in a home and need a handyman service to cover many areas. If you have a leak which causes your subflooring to rot, then a professional handyman is the way to go. Damaged walls could need replacing or repairing, or faulty plumbing replacing, toilets and sinks could also have to be repaired.

What are some specific tasks a handyman should also be able to do?

In kitchens, a handyman’s job could range from re-facing to installing cabinets. In addition to sinks, dishwashers, countertops, garbage disposals, and ovens needing to be installed. The handyman should have the ability to do general jobs such as painting or more specific tasks like attaching an icemaker in a refrigerator to the plumbing. Interior tasks can also include furniture assembly, hanging doors, removing walls, and installing air conditioners, ceiling fans, and light fixtures. Hanging wallpaper, installing molding and baseboards are also other common jobs which handymen do.

Some handyman jobs are cleaning swimming pools and maintaining landscaped gardens. A handyman will prune, trim or remove trees and take them away. Apartment complexes will hire handymen to maintain and repair their buildings. Real estate agencies and management companies will also employ handymen to oversee and maintain their numerous properties. There are some handymen that only specialize in certain fields, such as landscaping, water features etc.

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