The Reliable Handyman Service That Gives You More Than You Paid For

Do you need a handyman to help you keep your home in shape? The company that offers regular maintenance is Larry's Handyman Services. We are a handyman company that offers quality services in Honolulu, HI. We have a wide array of services, starting from landscaping to masonry work. When you need a reliable handyman service, turn to us. We are a company with 2 decades of experience in the industry.

Our affordable handyman service

is for those who want want professional repair. Our clients rely on us because of our amazing carpentry services.  We fix broken doors, windows, and roofs. Our residential home repair is what you need when you are faced with leaks, damaged wood, and more.

Aside from this, our painting service is a great follow-up to our repairs and installation. We assure you that should you want it, you can get the same color as the one you already have. If that does not satisfy you, we have a broad range of colors you can choose from to bring a new look to your home. Our painting services are for those who want to revamp their home’s exterior and interior.

For those who want a beautiful yard, our landscaping service is perfect for you. We will trim, fertilize, and keep your turf green and vibrant. With our expertise, your yard will gain a better look and richer color. Have our landscaping service provider turn your barren yard into a beautiful garden.

There is no doubt who you need when it comes to home repairs. Our local handyman service is what you need for a fully functioning home. Our services are available as a one-time or scheduled service. To know more, call our expert at (808) 657-3526. You can call today to find out what suits your home’s needs.

The handyman that has your back is Larry's Handyman Services. We cater to residents living in Honolulu, HI and . Avail of our services and get quality repairs.